Jiangsu Jinfangyuan CNC Machine Company Limited, located in the high-tech zone of Yangzhou City, is designated as a National High-tech enterprise. As the largest CNC plate processing facility manufacturing base in China, the products have been exported to all of the world. It also passed ISO9001 Quality System Certificate and CE Certificate.

The company is accepted as the leader of technology in the line, all the products are CNC controlled. The main products are: DMT, MT ,HVT, VT and ET series CNC turret punch machine, TFC, HFC series CNC precise laser cutting machine, HPR, PR, PE series CNC hydraulic pressbrake, VR,BLVR series CNC shearing machine, MCZ series CNC bus bar punch & bending machine, FMC series CNC punch FMS for lorry carling, AMCP series CNC punch FMS for U-Type lorry carling, and APSS series punch-and-shearing combined FMS.

JFY Company and Germany Trumpf Group set up the joint venture in September of 2013. The two strong companies combine together to complements each other’s advantages. Since then, JFY devotes itself into the research, production and sales of CNC sheet metal processing equipment with higher starting point to make itself much stronger, longer and larger in this area; JFY puts efforts to expand the domestic market and meanwhile, JFY attaches great attention to the international market network instruction to speed up the company transformation and upgrading to make JFY brand goes better and faster towards the international market.

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