Excellent products are produced by high-quality production equipment complemented by exceptional quality management.

It is Doosan Infracore Machine Tools policy to place the highest importance on customer satisfaction during all phases of product development, sales, and services.

The objective of Doosan Infracore Machine Tools is to become the world’s leading machine tool producer, supplying customers with quality and prices that meet their demands and expectations. In addition, our goal is to improve quality by 10% each year. To achieve this goal and maintain a quality system that satisfies all ISO 9001 (EN SO9001, KS A 9001) requirements, all employees of Doosan Infracore Machine Tools adhere to this standard. The aim of Doosan Infracore Machine Tools is for the entire organization to achieve closely integrated and consistent goals.

The responsibility and authority to maintain and improve the quality system lies with everyone, from the director of the BG, to the quality management representative, to the head of the quality department. The designated head of the quality department must also carry out various assignments for the management of the quality system. Additionally, through education and public relations, all product design, production and service employees are given the tools to achieve these quality goals.

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