Puma Machine Tools supply a variety of Automation machines by DN Solutions.

They are one of the leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art CNC machine tools, used to produce high precision parts.

Automation - Bar Feeder

Bar Feeder

The bar feeder is a basic automation system for a turning center. Small size workpieces are suitable for Bar feeder application and deliver increased productivity.

Automation - Gantry Loader

Gantry Loader

Supports a Turnkey system – designed to ensure easy and quick installation and operation. Ensures short loading/unloading time and easy operation.

Automation - Pallet Systems

Pallet Systems

Optimal Solution for your Pallet Automation System. Automated system now offer the reduce labor costs and increase productivity in your factory. At the same time the production capacity and utilization rate of the machine tools are increased



Short loading/unloading time. Facilitates the flexibility to manufacture mass produced parts. Enhances productivity through 24-hour operation – saving time and reducing labor costs.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Provides a total engineering solution including process design and software, and can include the use and integration of multiple machines, technologies and processes.

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